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At OPEN'UP, we are convinced that the best decisions are informed decisions. We also understand that you have precious little time and maybe resources to gather and careffully analyze relevant information out of the big data.


OPEN'UP offers on-request or on-subscription, tailored or mutualized-solutions. We search, track and analyse data to help you understand, decide and implement actions to give your business a strategic edge:


  • Early warnings monitoring:  technology, competitor and market surveillance, trends forecasting, tenders monitoring, etc.

  • e-Reputation dashboards: online reputation analysis, users' experience and sentiment analysis

  • Studies: patent landscape, competitor's R&D and product intelligence, market analysis and trends forecasting, competitive intelligence

  • Community and content management for your social media, intranet and corporate communication

These are some examples of how OPEN'UP can support you

We'll give you

  • dedicated collaborative and secured workspace for your organization to share and enrich information and dashboards with your teams

Business monitoring and analysis



OPEN'UP assists your organization to:


  • Evaluate and maximize your current information and communication systems : prepare action plans for smooth and sustainable roll-out of business initiatives;

  • Design and implement strategic monitoring and intelligence capabilities

  • Scout, assess and select software solutions that best fit your needs

We'll give you

  • The benefit of  over 15 years' experience working with tech start-up companies, small and medium-sized companies as well as multinationals

  • Our full focus on the specificities of your company:  your history, your culture, your people

  • Independent and objectives advice on methods and processes and tools

  • Services compliant with AFNOR standard XP X50-053

Counselling and assistance


OPEN'UP training courses give you tactical methodologies and tools to let you get a better grasp of the best ways to gather and analyze data to acquire business intelligence

Research, Management, Analysis: 

Information sourcing - Information gathering  - Monitoring system implementation -  Information analysis methods - Digital reputation management - Information security and risk management;


Sharing and Collaboration:

Effective communication of insights - Internet and social media management - Brainstorming workshops - Knowledge management and Collective intelligence;


Influence and Decision:

e-Reputation - Content Management - Dashboards production - Strategic planning;


** These are selected examples of services we can offer - Please contact us for a complete list and more information ** 

We'll give you

  • Operational programs

  • Training modules including preliminary mini-diagnosic of your information and communication system, plus post-intervention follow-up session

  • Training content tailored to your needs.

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